1. Introduction (1)

About Self Streaming Service and it's features

2. Event Registration (3)

Event Booking and Website Activation

3. Live Streaming (2)

How to Live Stream from Laptop and Mobile

4. Recorded Video (2)

Uploading and Combining Live Video Clips

5. Software and Hardware (3)

Streaming Software and Hardware Requirements

6. Support& Information (3)

How to Get support and Information

7. Help Videos (1)

Direct links to Help Videos

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 A. About the Service

ViewLiveEvents offer webcasting event management, webtv, web designing and streaming technology...

 A. Event Booking

You can register events by clicking "Booking" button available on our website...

 C. Mobile App

Mobile app allows you to manage all your events from the mobile. Download and install the app,...

 C. Website Activation

1. Open your Reistered domain name (website) and click on "ADMIN" button, and enter the default...

 B. Hardware Requirement

Hardware Requirements:1. Video Capture Device2. Data Card3. RC Cables4. RC and BNC Joiners5....